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Divorce Lawyers

The dissolution of a marriage is always a sticky issue. Which is why you'll need the best law firm specializing in divorce to help make it easier for you.

Here, we'll recommend you with the best divorce law firm in Malaysia, to help provide assistance in settling disputes in your case, and dealing with the following effects of divorce or annulment such as assets division, child custody, claims, and child support.

Family Lawyers

Sometimes, family issues are not as straightforward as you might think. It can get messy, and when things get out of hand you will need a good family law firm.

That's where we come in. We'll recommend to you the best of the best family law firms in Malaysia, to help you deal with the aftermath of a familial dispute regarding fortune inheritance, adoption, divorce or child custody.

Criminal Lawyers

One of the most glamorous legal field, but also one of the most hectic and demanding one. If you're accused of a crime, don't worry. We have a selection of the best criminal law firms in Malaysia to help you clear your name and prove your innocence.

Commercial Lawyers

Specialize in business law and the workings of business and corporate field, in order to deal with pertaining business transactions. Negotiating and drafting contracts, reviewing employment agreements and company mergers. If you're looking for the perfect corporate law firms for your company, you're at the right place.

Real Estate And Property Lawyers

A Real Estate and Property lawyer is a professional who specializes in dealing with real estate and property related issues. If you need to draw up a tenancy agreement, property loans, or even a simple dispute between landlord and tenant, then look no further. We have the top real estate firms right here for your choosing.

Intellectual Property And Patent Lawyer

An Intellectual Property And Patent Lawyer or an IP lawyer specializes in and practices intellectual property law, which involves rules for securing and enforcing legal rights. So if you need to get one of your invention or your discovery patented, they're the people to look for. You can also get their help in patenting a product, a company, anything that you want.

Find the top IP law firms in Malaysia right here, to help with your needs.

What we doReliable law firms recommendation

Being professionals in the legal field, we know how looking for the right law firm to represent you can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. After all, law firms in Malaysia are a dime a dozen, but none of them will approach a case the exact same way, and you want perfect match for your case. But no worries, because we are here to help.

With our massive database, we will able to recommend hundreds of law firm to you in few minutes. And the best part is, our database is filled with all the best law firms in Malaysia from every legal field such as divorce, family, criminal, real estate and property, commercial, intellectual property and patent, and many more.

All you have to do, is take a few simple steps to get started. Are you ready to find the best law firm in Malaysia for you?
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Working for a flat fee for each of your cases.
Law practice areas that are gaining traction, prompting a demand.
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With our massive database, we will able to recommend hundreds of law firm to you in few minutes. It only involves few simple steps for you to get started with us.

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